Packages - Lac Delage

Manoir du Lac Delage


Bed & breakfast

Treat yourself to a change of scenery with a night at the hotel, away from the city. This package includes one night and breakfast.

Gourmet experience

Take advantage of a scrumptious four service table d'hôte dinner at our Gourmet Champêtre restaurant, one night with breakfast.



Little table

Take advantage of a our new package!



For all seasons

Maximum relaxation by combining night, gastronomy and massage!


Come relax in the soothing decor of le Manoir du Lac Delage. Our warm and attentive staff will help you fully enjoy your moment of relaxation.

Romantic package

Perfect for a romantic getaway away from the city, this package includes a variety of services and activities. 


With 2 hours of care, access to all services, a gourmet meal and even more, the Manoir's team ensures that all your senses are awakened.


Summer pleasure at Valcartier Village

Be fresh and rested for a day at the Valcartier Vacation Village with an one night stay at le Manoir du Lac Delage and breakfast.

The mountain bike package

Because you do not want to pedal all night, combined bike and overnight!


Santa Claus is back at Manoir du Lac Delage! Ask for our Christmas package.

New Year's Eve

Start the New Year with us!  Inquire about our package.